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The Isle Of Man 17 v1.0
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The Isle Of Man 17 v1.0

Your father has retired now you have to continue works.
The people of Iceland depend on you, with the help of workers
And your experience will enable you to manage your business?

In the card you have animals
Train and vehicles and rental vehicles to help you
Forest and triggers for train wood place sale
The new MixingStation (thanks GTX Mods) and Silage Silo
The EMMERSON'S you buy silage and grass
VehicleShop you buy wood chips
Now I wish you much fun from the card

To play this card please set the (CompostMaster2k17_placeable in the Mods folder)

Modell: TheSnake
Textur: Giants
Script: Marhu GTX MODS
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: TheSnake
Sonstige: Thanks a all modders for the objects in the Map and GTX Mods for the permission to the New MixingStation

  • Sdl


    2016-12-31 19:48
    n'importe quoi
  • Idiots
    2017-01-01 03:11
    Obviously a friggin kid with no clue, Since when did the Isle of Man in England, end up in Iceland? not even worth the time
  • No kidding
    2017-01-01 03:14
    No kidding! Since when do cold weather islands have PALM TREES? Ignorant kids! Get out of this game and back into school. You OBVIOUSLY FAILED GEOMETRY!
  • Thesnake
    2017-01-02 00:10
    @TINTIN Espece de petit chien galois je q 17 ans et demi-connard et toi-même pas capable d'ouvrir l'editor ou faire um map alors ferme ta petite bouche et vais soucer la bite de ton père
  • Thesnake
    2017-01-02 19:27
    et conard mon pere et mort enfants de merde !
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