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The new generation Fendt 10xx Vario series v1.0 Pre-Release
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The new generation Fendt 10xx Vario series v1.0 Pre-Release

The new generation Fendt 10xx Vario series

Key data:
Fendt 10xx Vario series
Price: 289300 €
Ps: 396
Maintenance costs: 380 € / day

This is a complete new construction - conversion and has gotten a lot:

- New Lichpaket inside
- New light package outdoors
- 5 colors are installed in the tractor
- 4 colors are installed on the rims
- Design choice on grille (gray or silver)
- Jogi299 logo buyable matching the Blunk rims
- Rear window animated
- Engine hood animated
- Animated fan and PTO pin
- Animated steering column when boarding
- reversing device
- Digital tank display
- Tagfahrlich at engine start
- LS indicator (adapts to the motor config)
- 5 tire configuration:
(Standard, wide tires, wide tires + weights + Vario front weight, twin tires rear, Vario-grip tires)
- New driving characteristics:
(Original engine adaptation, steering behavior, weight distribution, transmission, power transmission)
- New shop pictures

Due to some disagreements at Giants we publish today on request the V1.0.0 of the Fendt 10xx by Ahran Modding.
This mod is a slimmed down version (console version) and does not yet have the full amount of scripts, animations etc.
The full version for Pc will be handed to Ahran in the next few days.
We ask for your understanding and still wish you a lot of fun with this mod!

!!! Any removal of the components or publication of the mod under another link in other forums is prohibited !!

Ahran Modding
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de

  • Mark
    2018-05-03 13:55
    Due to some disagreements at Giants - You should not support consoles if Giants will not support release to PC.
  • Olivier
    2018-05-03 19:50
    good job
  • Perfect
    2018-05-05 17:12
    Perfect mod, never seen this quality modding for long time now :) only one downside is Jogi299 logo who needs that ? btw thanks for creator for this hard work
  • Maximus
    2018-05-06 23:47
    salut il y a encore aucun IC cela vas t il venir ?
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