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The Old Farm Countryside v1.0.6.6
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The Old Farm Countryside v1.0.6.6

Welcome to The Old Farm Countryside.

Changelog (Version
- Added new crop: Triticale.
- New crop (Triticale), also available for missions.
- Fixed the terrain where the mud is, now the vehicles pass with less difficulty.
- Fixed the height of some objects.
- New decoration objects ..
- Added more trees all over the map.
- Added bushes bound field 21 with the path.
- Modified the Water collection points and posted information posters.
- Added New translation: Polish.
- The PDA has been modified.
- Small touch-ups in the distance of objects.

This map is a product of the imagination. In its 59 Fields you will find new crops such as: Oats, Rye, Spelt and Millet.
In the Silos you can store products such as: Silage, Grass, Hay, Straw, Chopped Straw, Milk and Water.

- Chopped Straw-ready.
- 8 Points of sale.
- Mud on the roads.
- Seasons compatibility.
- Sale of pellets.

Changelog (Version
- Field 42 no longer appears in property.(Only for new games)
- Fixed bug effects when harvesting new crops (Oats, Rye, Millet and Spelt)
- Added translations of the points of sale.
- Now you can store straw pellets and hay pellets in the farm silo 2.
- Added collision in fences of sheep shed.

Shaba FS

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