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The Valley The Old Farm Public v2.0.3.0
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The Valley The Old Farm Public v2.0.3.0

new PDA created (thanks to Henry from the Simu friends)
Fields revised
Pig fattening added
Piglets added (can be bought and sold)
Added new help icons (Thanks to RC_Devil for customization to raise Max. number)
Waterholes added to all animals
Round bale bearings added
Hofsilo tipping point revised (tarpaulin changes depending on which fruit is dumped)
Added area for Placeable Objects
Kalkwerk has now received water as another product
small fixes

Hello everybody,
I would like to make you here the current conversion of the TVTOF available. To anticipate, the release on the part of the builder,
Blacksheep Modding, is available. (PICTURE RELEASE) Thanks again at this point.

At first I list the change (hopefully I will not forget half of it)

GMKFC with other textures
128 floor angles
small and large productions (seeds, lime, liquid fertilizers, biodiesel, corn meal, compost, UHT milk, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, compound feed, pig feed, septic tanks)
purchasable objects to promote long-term motivation
Pets are available (including sheep (ergo now they need straw)
new map hotspots
adjusted selling price (everything a bit more difficult)
more Selling goods
other types of fruit and fill types (oats, rye, mixed cereals, spelled, millet, winter barley, pickle substrate, nitrate, steamed potatoes, compost etc.)
new and further outlets (Sachsenmilch, bakery, diner, Raiffeisen, AgroLife, BioGaz)
Adaptation of building
Hose system
new traffic signs
Speed ​​increased traffic (about 50 km / h)
new waterplane
dynamic sky
Scales gates and moves handles to normal height (Thanks to SanAndreas from HotOnline)
Help icons so fewer questions arise
and what I've forgotten so much ...

It is mandatory this time to start a new game!
Furthermore, the most recent versions of the Blacky (Blackpanther Group) mods are required for ball bearing functionality.
These include the following mods: Oil Change, AdBlue, extendedFunctions, FuelAdjust etc!
The potatoes for the pig fattening are dumped in the stable on the left at the bays with Ctrl + I.
A small sign gives the hint for the area.

Kotte Universal Pack
pant system


>>> IMPORTANT !! <<<
It is forbidden to re-upload this mod, even in a modified form!
Please use the original download link!
-It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even in an altered form!
Please use the original download link!
- Draudžiama / kelti š / mod vl, net pakitusiu pavidalu!
Prašome naudoti originalus parsisiuntimo nuorod!
- Zabrania si weng th mod jeszcze, nawet w zmienionej formie!
Prosz u | ywa oryginalnego link do pobrania!
- Je zakázáno vkládat tento mod znovu, a to i ve zmnné form! Prosím použijte povodní odkaz ke stažení!

Blacksheep Modding Edit: H4nnib4l22 (Freigabe ist in Bilddatei hinzugefügt)

  • Links plz
    2018-04-12 16:53
    If we have to have specific mods like the mCompanyGraphics give the links to it cause I can't find it anywhere or the recent versions of the Blacky (Blackpanther Group) mods. I have tried to fing company one before but had no luck.
  • Me


    2018-04-12 20:28
    yes agree with links plz, I can't find mcompanyGraphics mod, only what is used to make the map
  • Lexa kom trikru
    2018-04-12 20:32
    i don't know where to find the mCompanyGraphics but you can have it if you download this map , the mCompanyGraphics is on the package just take the mCompanyGraphics and get rid of the other map if you don't want it :) . http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/sambrevilleextended-2-0/
  • Nick
    2018-04-13 01:32
    Can I use the map without this mCompanyGraphics file? What does this file do? and if it is needed for the map please provide links for everything else needed for the map to work. Otherwise it is just half a map that doesnt work properly so why upload the map at all?
  • Noris1225
    2018-04-13 06:12
    Download FS17 Company Graphics zip - DL-file.comdl-file.com/yb06k115ygnx/FS17_mCompanyGraphics.zip.html
  • Noris1225
    2018-04-13 06:19
    Download FS17 Company Graphics zip - UploadFiles.euuploadfiles.eu/j8x5i0fd1m9h/FS17_mCompanyGraphics.zip.html
  • Unknown
    2018-05-01 11:25
    Hi, how i can find the last 2 Nuggets? Nothing on the PDA :(
  • Best888
    2018-05-06 19:39
    How to get the culture of Grassilage ... what is required for this?
  • Niko
    2018-05-26 18:42
    je n arrive pas a mettre les patate pour les piglet
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