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The Valley The Old Farm v1.0.0.1
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The Valley The Old Farm v1.0.0.1

Welcome to The Valley The Old Farm....
This is a fictional European style map with many fields (92),
a main farm that takes all the animals. A detailed landscape and many functions in the map
(tutorial available on TV on farms. Seasons Ready.

ChangeLog V1.0.0.1
-New shaders version
-All meadow fences are removable
-The problems of buying fields have been corrected (mostly)
-Correction texture 1146,946
-Displacement from a wall to the pigsty
-Delete colision in the stable
-New texture for grass plane "cow"
-Correction of freezes for cows
-Deleted objects "CalfHut"
-Replacement of several floating trees
-Fixed bumps on the fields
-Replaced bale at farm3
-Adjusted the Traffic
-Added colision in the unloading zone "Raiffeisen"
-deleted objects element1
-Adjustment of the road in several places
-Adjustment of the land around some houses
-Replaced two gold nuggets
-The shop road is now more accessible.
-Deleted the info icon in the sawnhill.
-Added an animation of the gate at the farm entrance
-Added an entrance at the second part of the cow park
-The BIOGAZ ramp is now removable
-Added an additional point of sale (grains)
-Added an additional point of sale (potato & sugarbeet)
-Added a fuel station
-Added several points of light
-Pedestrians' paths have been adjusted in several places
-Correction of the texture in the silo of the farm (grid)
-Added removable barriers to the straw barn
-New col for the farm house
-New col for the cowshed.
-New col for the Pigshed
-Farm silo now has 2 000 000 capacity
-Workshops on farms are now free of charge
-Many new decorations on the map
-Some other problems have also been fixed.

Blacksheep Modding

  • Tractor23
    2018-03-08 22:08
    merci merci merci ci je m’écoutais je ne mettrais que sa j'ais toutes les map de Blacksheep- modding et le matos et un peu fier oui car sa c'est des map , tout ce de mon entourage on les même et l'ont peux jouer vraiment en se faisant plaisir j'attend la prochaine avec impatience merci encore et bon courage pour la suite
  • Tractor23
    2018-03-11 11:40
    petite question a blacksheep- modding vous serais t'il possible dans cette map ou dans la suivante d'ajouter de la luzerne que l'on peux récolter soi pour du foin de luzerne de l'ensilage ou autre nourriture pour animaux faire des granuler de luzerne par exemple bien cordialement.tractor23
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