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Tiller Team dare v1.0
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Tiller Team dare v1.0

Hello dear ls17 community Today I present you my tiller team car. Today a holiday was here is my belated gift.To vehicle it is an American vehicle and therefore it has also Amerecan sirens. To all you tuber add up please videos since I have no recording program is not otherwise.War the car is stupid find it does not have to download Kretik gladly but no Mötzen.Wenns then no longer to say I say much fun with the truck.
LG: king_modding
It is not allowed to modify the mod and upload it again.

Modell: king_modding
Textur: king_modding
Script: king_modding
Idee / Konzept: king_modding

  • Chiefromne
    2017-10-05 01:49 Send message
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    Wow, good job you know how to steal a mod.
  • Credits
    2017-10-05 05:40 Send message
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    Proper credits for this truck for the FEW decent human beings in this community are: Chiefromney, Ryland Amato, turbosquid. The rest of you maggots can go choke on a shit sandwich.
  • Thomasistheownerofmodhub
    2017-10-06 17:26 Send message
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    You guys are idiots Thomas is the owner of Modhub. Once a mod goes on what site it ends up on all sites as most of them are linked together.
  • Lu is
    2017-10-06 22:46 Send message
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    Even if thomas is the owner of modhub he said "my tiller" and gives no credit to @chiefromne lol
  • Catweazle64
    2017-10-07 04:08 Send message
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    Zuerst konnte ich diesen Truck nicht im Shop kaufen (nur der Leiterwagen-Trailer). Jetzt habe ich herausgefunden, das man wie bei den US-Wracker (roter und schwarzer) den "LICHT-MOD" ausschalten muss, dann konnte ich diesen Truck fahren.Es kann auch sein, weil ich den Truck im neuen ZIP-Ordner kopierte ?
  • Csx68
    2017-11-09 20:28 Send message
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