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Time Fast Forward v1.0
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Time Fast Forward v1.0

This is the time acceleration Mod!
With this mod you can let go by very fast time!
if you CTRL-R pushes her accelerates time and can fast forward so all day!
For questions: https://www.facebook.com/non87niklasfs/?fref=nf
Have fun!

Tool: NoN87

  • Dj6310
    2016-10-22 01:53
    marche pas ce mods
  • Nicolastp
    2016-10-23 17:10
    ne fonctionne pas
  • Coolfarmer
    2016-10-25 12:33
    not working anymore !!
  • Xayon
    2016-10-26 00:14
    Same here, mod is not working, please fix. Thank you
  • Neoblaster
    2016-10-26 01:46
    Does not works for me too.I try to check modDesc and set new key combination but nothing happens.That seems the script which is in fault.I'm not able to debbug lua script.
  • Georges
    2016-10-28 12:56
    ce mod ne marche pas , il est pris en compte dans la fenĂȘtre mais ne fonctionne pas.Merci s'il vous plaid de faire le nĂ©cessaire
  • Jumbo 747
    2016-10-29 14:08
    Does not work says there is something missing in the xml file.Has anyone found a good 'Time forward Mod' for FS 17 yet, and where can I get it - I'm fed up with sitting and waiting at 120 speed!!!......
  • Jumbo747
    2016-10-31 00:55
    New version works well thank you author!...
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