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Tipper Bed For Custom Peterbilt 388 V2
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Tipper Bed For Custom Peterbilt 388 V2

Here Is The Fixed vesrion of my tipper bed sorry the error I guess thats why you dont need work on this stuff when you feal bad I jumped to the gun and forgot to run finnal game test on mod before releasing it.


  • Blackbelt
    2017-02-01 17:46
    Great Mod I like trucks like this to put small logs in the back like firewood :)
  • What the heck
    2017-02-01 19:30
    it has one problem it has no errors HA
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-01 20:50
    That's A Very good Problem That's The Way It should left the first Time LOL
  • Haha
    2017-02-02 02:47
    Busted, you're using Winstons mod lol, he always leaves hidden objects in the mod, this one definitely has something hidden that ONLY Winston has ever had in a mod. I knew this looked familiar
  • Haha
    2017-02-02 02:49
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-02 07:18
    Who You HAHA Jackass I Never Denied Using Another Mod For My Project And if You Would Look At Credits for the damn truck dipshit you would see I gave credits for that so kiss my ass
  • Pos truck
    2017-02-02 23:34
    What a POS! Where'd you learn how to mod, TOYS R US? So many errors and issues with this mod, no use even describing them to a child, just deleted it, How many versions of cubemaps you have on this POS? FS13, 15 and 17?
  • Tweeters64
    2017-02-04 01:36
    could use a couple lift cylinders for realism otherwise looks great.
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-04 04:38
    Yeah there was one under there then I noticed the other day its gone now I fix it for final release where all of them are in one mod folder
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