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Tire wall v2.0
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Tire wall v2.0

This is the 2nd version of the tire wall for the
Agricultural Simulator 17. There were already
The 1st version of the tire wall of JOle17.
I got the permission I got
The 1st version may extend, and to
Modhoster is allowed to upload. In the 2nd version
There are 5 tire walls double-hung up.
A tire wall has 37 tires.
These 5 double-set tire walls,
Have a total of 185 tires.
The 2nd version, can also be used as a crash object
Can be obtained.
In the machine dealer costs the 2nd version
Of the tire wall 1.250 €. After the purchase,
The tire wall can be free on the map
to be placed.

If you have something to say, you can
Your opinion about this mod
In the comments.
Comments with insults,
Modhoster are reported!

You can give the mod a review
From 1-5 stars and give you
Also thank, as well

Ask ?
Should you have questions, turn
To you: JOle17.
Link: http://kontakt.jole17.de
There you can ask your questions
put. Of course
Your questions also in the
Write comments when
You with the question also me
Wanted. JOle17
Has the 1st version of the
Tirewall Created, from what
I the 2nd version
The result is.
And now I wish you
Have fun! Yours
Greetings: GGR.DDF

Modell: JOle17
Textur: JOle17
Script: JOle17
Idee / Konzept: JOle17
Tester: JOle17, GGR.DDF
Sonstige: -

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