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Tonar 952362 Trailer v1.0
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Tonar 952362 Trailer v1.0

Here I present you my Tonar 952362 trailer trailer which is available in LS15 already from me, for the FS17 available.

Mod runs on standard script

The usual standard features and features
Cover for opening / closing
FS17 Lighting
Steering axles
Color selection
Capacity: 42.850 liters
Loadable fruits: standard

I wish you much fun with the mod.
Mfg Jekyll

ETS, Jekyll, KaMaZ

  • Truck & trailers
    2017-03-14 03:06 Send message
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    Fantastic mod really enjoying it Thank you.Only thing i'd like to see is the back bumper on the trailer higher off the ground.If possible would you be able to the same type of trailer but slightly shorter and tipping from the rear as well?.
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