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TONAR Tipper 95234 v2.0
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TONAR Tipper 95234 v2.0

4 axles, the first 2 are lifting axles.
The 2nd stroke axis is automatically shut down at 50% level, the 1st level at 75% level. This can also be controlled manually with KP 7 & 9 (visible in the help window)
Price: 73,000
Maintenance: 180
Volume: 80000
Fruits: Bulk
Log is error free. However, I do it all from time to time, so do not be surprised if it is not a 'professional' mod, and the poly-number, etc. possibly higher than needed.
The model is not mine. I only installed the Hubachsenzeug. Therefore a special thanks to: Kovsh, stasenko100, monteur1, Frabel.

Das Model ist nicht von mir. Ich hab nur das Hubachsenzeug eingebaut. Deshalb einen speziellen Dank an: Kovsh, stasenko100, monteur1, Frabel
The original model is not mine, just added the lift axle stuff. Hence a big thanks to: Kovsh, stasenko100, monteur1, Frabel.

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