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TORK T908 Daycab v2
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TORK T908 Daycab v2

As promised guys here is the V2 of the T908 Daycab, all redone and cleaned up. the original model brought over by Eric, but redone by us, its a great model and we are happy to bring it out to you guys! Color selectable chassis, matched with a Jake brake on a switch and oversize signs makes it a workhorse for any job!

Credit List:
Branford Ag Mapping & Modding

  • Jbrandt
    2017-11-22 13:19
    Missing texture files and no credit to real authors?
  • Kwrocker
    2017-11-22 13:21
    same mode uploaded again missing texture files?
  • Pat


    2017-11-22 16:06
    can someone please bring the augusta rescue helicopter i miss that thing
  • Silviu1993
    2017-11-23 07:47
    mod review here...................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ebkILXMM9Q
  • Shay
    2017-11-23 20:23
    jbrandt...didnt you read the post...brought over by eric and redone by these guys! holy fuck
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