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Traffic Advisor Pickup v1.1
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Traffic Advisor Pickup v1.1

- Fixed Missing error in XML
- Fixed back strobes animation with tailgate

I hope that you guys love my mod, I have used the Board from Richwoodrocket, big thanks to him.
I have made on this model a couple of strobes that can be turn on and off,

I hope that you guys like my model

Model: Giants
Strobes: Thijs1239 (Dutch Farmers)
Board: Richwoodrocket
Lightbar: 112TEC|schwaki

If I forgot your credits please let me know in the comment section

  • Rchwdrckt
    2017-05-10 22:21 Send message
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    I appreciate the credits ;)
  • Runaway train productions
    2017-05-11 00:47 Send message
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    I was wondering if you could update the mod so the arrow board is programmed so the led arrows are set to work of the blinker switches on the num-pad such as Numpad 1: arrow left Numpad 2: arrow left and right Numpad 3: Left and right arrows flash simultaneously
  • Admin
    2017-05-11 04:28 Send message
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    Worst trash i've seen on this site. A complete idiot would only take credit for crap like this.
  • Thijs1239
    2017-05-11 12:56 Send message
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    if you don't like the mod DON't comment!!!
  • @thijs1239
    2017-05-11 19:41 Send message
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    If you don't know how to mod DON'T upload your shitty edits!!!!
  • Thijs1239
    2017-05-11 21:24 Send message
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    WTF, This is not a shitty edit, in this mod has been a lot of work!
  • Tyler roland
    2017-05-11 22:31 Send message
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    Learn how to add strobes so people don't complain to me about the lightaddon mod...
  • @thijs1239
    2017-05-12 01:51 Send message
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    I get it, you're just starting to learn the basics of modding and things that take normal people 5 seconds takes you like 5 weeks. But you really shouldn't upload your crappy edits, maybe just keep them in your own mods folder until you learn how to mod.
  • Thijs1239
    2017-05-12 08:36 Send message
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    This is still a lot of work of making the mod work good, And before everyone complains about mods, just think that you started that way to, with some edits.
  • Psmodding
    2017-12-07 22:17 Send message
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    Very nice edit, thanks for uploading it!!
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