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Trailer Sounds v4.0
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Trailer Sounds v4.0

Trailer Sounds
This mod adds sounds to the trailers. The typical noise when tractor tires move on the asphalt.
100% Clean - 100% Error free on the log
Original Mod for LS15 from Mogli, LudamillaPower & Charly99
© chickenjoe64

Scripts: Mogli
Tiresounds: LudamillaPower
Idea & Other Sounds: Charly99

  • Mitchell r
    2016-11-05 03:11
    is it possible if u could lower the sound of the asphalt and dirt roads because it is way to loud and on modded cars, trucks, and even tractors i cant even hear the loud engine sound. Also the wine of the road is way to annoying. personally i think it should be able to turned down manually or at lease be able to disable the road wine. Thx
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