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Trakya Map v1.0.0
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Trakya Map v1.0.0

Hello I am with the first of the Thracian map the map to convert, there may be some errors, thanks to updates, I'll remove it
new bga
sale new wood
new farm and home
the renewed city (new homes)
changed the place of animal sales
in the next updates, the support will be mud
the entire interface changed
forest land has changed (and more regularly)
remember to stay tuned for more :)
maker of the map: Ataberk (RedeX)

Model: RedeX
Texture: RedeX
Script: RedeX
Idea / Concept: RedeX
Testing: RedeX
Other: RedeX

  • Murderinspree
    2017-05-08 13:39
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    MAPS!! show pics of the map (in game map) in your photos. all your moded maps dont have any in game map pics
  • Donnie
    2017-05-08 17:45
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    needs traffic when you add mud then it be a hell of a map
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