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Trakya Map v3.0.0
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Trakya Map v3.0.0

HI Modhub I am with the first of the Thracian map the map to convert, there may be some errors, thanks to updates, I'll remove it

new bga
sale new wood
new farm and home
the renewed city (new homes)
changed the place of animal sales
in the next updates, the support will be mud
the entire interface changed
forest land has changed (and more regularly)
remember to stay tuned for more :)
maker of the map: Ataberk (RedeX)

Tarlalar düzeltildi ve büyütüldü(The fields are flattened and enlarged)
hatalar düzeltildi(Errors corrected)
aydinlatma eklendi(Lighting added)
etraftaki yükseltiler indirildi(The surrounding elevators are down)

acilabilir garaj aydinlatmasi eklendi(Garage lighting can be opened)

yollardaki hatalar düzeltildi(Correcting mistakes in roads)
çamur eklendi(Mud was added)
buyday vb ürünlerin haritadaki hatasi düzeltildi(Wheat and other products have been corrected)
bir abimin isteyi üzerine haritaya meriç nehri eklendi(River added MERiÇ NEHRi)
yeni alan eklendi harita genisledi(New space added map expanded)
ineklerin yeri büyütüldü(The location of the cows was enlarged)
Bir sonraki haritalarda yörüsmek dileyiyle :) Wishing to see you in the next mappings :)

Marmara Map V1.0.0(9.8.2017)Yayimlanacaktir.
Düyüncülü Map(ilk türk yapimi ve gerçek te olan bir yerin haritasi )(12.8.2017)Yayimlanacaktir.(harfler yüzünden haritanin ismi böyle deyildir.Alpullu seker fabrikasi haritaya eklenmistir.)

Takipte kalin

Model: RedeX
Texture: RedeX
Script: RedeX
Idea / Concept: RedeX
Testing: RedeX
Other: RedeX

  • Redex
    2017-08-09 23:31
    Unauthorized sharing!!Please insert the actual link.Otherwise you will commit crime!
  • Blacky
    2017-08-10 05:17
    you don't own it now modhub owns it now so they put it up again and again if they want read the agreement on it once you map a map mod and share it on here modhub owns it so they can do whatever they want with it it's stupid though but that's well it goes i guess
  • Blacky
    2017-08-10 09:09
    your map mod doesn't work anyways it won't start just sits there load what a shame but a ok map though
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