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Tridem ponsee v1
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Tridem ponsee v1

camion tridem western union avec differente option drivecontrol neccessaire et mod attache manuel obligatoire
camion eqquiper de differente attache
une attache fix a l avant pouvant fixer des outil tels que grue ou le broueur bruks
une attche semi remorque
une aattchache au niveau de l arrire de la cabine pouvant acceuillir un grue a bois un broyeur ou autre chose si ce dernier passe entre la cabine et la grille de protection  
camion entierment fonctionnel tester pdt des heures
chassis foret agrar avec roue jumeler standart
sons revue puissance changer
travail des suspensions  visble
toute les modification ont ete faite par mes soins
cela ma pris un certains temps certes mais c est pour vous permettre d avoir un camion utile et fonctionnel
colorie cabine
colorie roue
colorie grille de protection
remorque utiliser filegl green line v 3 http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/fliegl-green-line-v3-1/ et 3.1 http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/flieglgreen-line-v-3/


  • Wtf


    2017-03-16 18:32 Send message
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    Very good truck! Need a little work for camera. I suggest you try it with the Gearbox addon, the sound is fantastic. Thank you Spectrum69! You can also add the back attacher to this too. It will be much better.
  • Fleekstar
    2017-03-17 01:43 Send message
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    Hey man, great truck i love it. could you fix the lights right next to the exhausts though? also instead of wide camera could u do the normal camera? or at least tell me how to change the camera myself.
  • Nice
    2017-03-17 17:36 Send message
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    Great mod. can you make another version without the grill on the back, and with the hitch a bit further forward. And maybe try to make a tow truck out of it. By far the best truck mod ive gotten.
  • Thunderhoof
    2017-03-18 14:12 Send message
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    i cant seem to get any of the attachments to attach to the truck, am i doing somethung wrong?
  • Bokkenjack
    2017-03-21 17:54 Send message
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    tres beau camion ,transmission souvent barré a 30 ou 40kmpourrait tu la reparer,bug camera et installé un hitch arrieremerci cela reste l'un des plus beau camion bravo pour ton mod
  • Spectrum69
    2017-03-25 20:36 Send message
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    v2 coming soon
  • Koalat
    2017-03-27 02:38 Send message
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    Camera needs to be fixed but otherwise this truck is absolutely incredible. I'd love to log more with it once it is fixed.
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