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TST Quadro Pac V v1.0
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TST Quadro Pac V v1.0

Allows to recover directly the bales at the exit of the Bigbaler and to create packages of 4 bales.
Price: 25000 €
Maintenance: 60 € / day
Capacity: 4 Bales
Required Mods: Pack 4 BigBalers
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer TST
Category Trailer
Author Blacksheep Modding
Size 4.29 MB
Released 14.03.2017
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

Required Mods: - Pack 4 BigBalers 1 axle (By: Blacksheep Modding)

Blacksheep Modding

  • Javier
    2017-03-15 18:08 Send message
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    no sale en los mods del juego cuando quiero activarloDoes not appear in the game mods when I want to activate it
  • Madsen minnesota
    2017-03-15 18:21 Send message
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    great mod, awesome modding skills, FS17 gets better and better, thanks alot BSM 10/10
  • Javi
    2017-03-15 20:54 Send message
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    pues yo no lo puedo usar ya que no me sale en el juego haber si suben otro parecido para poder usarlo
  • Ftyujhfj
    2017-03-17 03:23 Send message
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    why can i not download axle below that's required. bales all fall over when i eject the bales. bales seem top stick to the release door and when you close it, it knocks them over. a little help please.
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