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Twinstar A. Helmer U.S. Edition Pack v1.0
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Twinstar A. Helmer U.S. Edition Pack v1.0

The SX 210 Twinstar defines rugged durability and quality construction for the vocational market and is specifically designed to endure the rigors of dump, logging, construction and numerous other heavy-duty vocational applications. The lightweight, all-aluminum cab with lap seam construction and bulkhead style doors is legendary for toughness and corrosion resistance. It provides years of virtually watertight performance.

Truck information:
Name: SX 210 Twinstar, 1 axle truck, 2 axle truck and the kipper truck.
Price: €124000,- , €165000,- , €269500,-
Daily maintenance: €570,- , €570,- , €680,-
Horsepower: 420pk
Skin: A helmer B.V.
IC Control

Required Mod [FS17] Light Addon by vertexdezign.

Model: Giants, Bart, Bobje, Fa285634.
Texture: Giants, Bart, Bobje, Fa285634, Twan.
Ingame: Giants, Bart, Bobje, Fa285634.
Testing: Bart, Beez.
LUA from: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), Alex2009.
Other: SpectralDodger, FSMT.

  • Sooo ugly
    2017-05-05 20:29 Send message
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    why is this mod SOOO UUGGLYY???????????????????????the lights are not realistic and the backwheel not at oll, please make this a good mod,
  • @sooo ugly
    2017-05-06 00:15 Send message
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    They can't, NLD modding is a beginner group and as such they haven't learned how to mod yet.
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-05-06 01:07 Send message
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    Thanks for the positive feedback guys :) So, now show you guys your mods to us? Referring to your comments, you are of course professionals at modding! So am curious hahaha :P
  • @nldfarmers
    2017-05-06 01:33 Send message
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    For one of your next projects can you put together a log truck and matching trailer? Perhaps a beast of a log truck, all wheel drive and a matching trailer that has autoload on it? Would love to finally get a log truck that can have a road train with nothing but logs.
  • Blackjack
    2017-05-06 02:56 Send message
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    yes i agree with the log truck. do u think u could make it so the truck has a crane on it (like some trucks irl) and that u can stack the trailer onto the back of the truck like irl. would love it if you could!!!
  • Claude
    2017-05-06 03:01 Send message
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    NLDFARMERS DO a good job on their mods, you people that are so negative should learn to keep your mouth shut, it is because of modders that we have so many great tools and machinery in the game. in stead of being negative and rude, you should be saying thanks and keep up the great job.
  • Don


    2017-05-06 03:42 Send message
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    its a good mod I been using it not bad for a start on modding
  • Koalat
    2017-05-06 04:50 Send message
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    I love people who talk shit over the Internet because it's like, what are you accomplishing by being a keyboard warrior and trash talking? $10 says the asshats talking shit can't mod, are probably 12 years old and don't have anything better to do than sit at home and act like a big man behind a screen and keyboard. GO play outside ya scrubs. Nice work NLD, quality mods.
  • Runaway train productions
    2017-05-06 06:57 Send message
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    Hey NLD farmers could you guys PLEASE make the light bar on the roof functional that's the only thing i want on this mod all in all the mod is great
  • Guest
    2017-05-06 12:29 Send message
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    @RUNAWAY TRAIN PRODUCTIONSRequired Mod [FS17] Light Addon by vertexdezign.https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=de&country=de&mod_id=53564&title=fs2017#
  • @nld farmers
    2017-05-06 12:50 Send message
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    NLD Farmers, don't feel to big now, you are a starter modding group, and don't think you are the best and stuff, you are NOT the best, you are to Strict to the mods users. If someone use a small thing of your mod. then you are all angry and upset, but that is the modding world, every mod is made of other people stuff, I think that you help a lot of modders that they can use some of your models or parts of your models to make their own mod, but still with the credits to you guys,
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-05-06 15:48 Send message
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    We do not feel big mate, we make mods for ourselves since 2013 (so not a starter group, maybe do your homework better) and only sharing it for who it want. But if you prefer that we keep it private, you have to say it, if yes then see it as arranged.
  • Whelen1983
    2017-05-06 17:48 Send message
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    I actually know how to play this game, unlike alot of these children on here, keep up the good work, the trucks work perfectly. This is what I have been waiting for trucks with a working front pto, had one in fs15 I used for my logging operation.
  • Jake32
    2017-05-06 20:12 Send message
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    Great work NLD Farmers been using all your mods up too now and have this one too
  • Dctoe
    2017-05-07 07:46 Send message
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    NLD is one of the best mod groups out there. They make fine mods and I have never had log problems with them, no matter what map or how many mods I have. Obviously it is your haters that are beginners.Let me say what most modders say that NLD is too nice to say. "If you don't like the mod, don't download it and don't whine about it!"
  • @dctoe
    2017-05-07 09:05 Send message
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    NLD Farmers mod have a lot of errors by me, With only that mod in my game it has still a lot of log errors, so don't say that they are a good modding group, what they are doing that can almost everyone, almost every mods that they have made are changed from other people mods, and then they claim the credits.And I am NOT a beginner modder, because I make mods for FS17 and they are LOG FREE!, with 30 mods in my game the LOG is still clean
  • Lol


    2017-05-07 17:30 Send message
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    Why is it all the people talking shit cant spell their way out of a paper bag? Speaks volumes to me... Either kids or idiots, either way, not worthy of taking seriously.
  • Jack.
    2017-05-07 22:55 Send message
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    All those negative people here, you get tired of it. NLD Farmers mods are always log problems free, that's fore sure. Further I say nothing more, I'm just happy with them as a group, thanks NLD Farmers and other mod people!
  • Stfu haters
    2017-05-08 21:43 Send message
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    For those who say the mod is not good and it has bad light and not the 6x6 wheel drive stfu cause you can only complain about it and you should try making a mod to that level of the mod you complained about.Try it you cant so STFU!!!
  • Thysenb33
    2017-10-04 21:59 Send message
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    Where can I find the front attacher?
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