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Two peterbilts v1.0
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Two peterbilts v1.0

Converted from 15-17

1. Peterbilt Rt40 388
Power: 550
Price: 75000

2. Peterbuilt heavy haul
A truck for serious farmers
TriAxle Up
Power: 550
Price: 75000

seriousmods/moh2/converted edited by Rt40 sorry about the other links i was doing it all wrong. think i got it now

  • Towman505
    2017-05-10 07:30
    sorry about other links i was doing it all wrong
  • Zzzzz
    2017-05-11 04:34
    sweet trucks i love them, will there be a v2 without the chrome visor & no rear fenders (bugs me a bit driving with interior view all i see i chrome)
  • Help?
    2017-05-12 00:02
    i cant seem to find the mod in installed mods after i put it in the folder and restarting the game anyone know what im doing wrong?
  • Help?
    2017-05-12 00:08
    never mind found out of to get it to work
  • Isaac
    2018-03-25 23:16
    is it for fs15
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