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U-Boot Submarine v1.0.0.0
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U-Boot Submarine v1.0.0.0

Hi, I'm MarineModsCZ it's my new mod. U96 U-Boot Submarine from WWII.
Have fun


  • Franklin10
    2018-03-23 17:34
    How does this mod swimm in the Little lake. In my Standard map the U96 sinks.Thanks for help.Franklin
  • Marinemods
    2018-03-23 19:16
    It's my version of goldcrest valley with collision under water I release this map tomorrow.
  • Marinemods
    2018-03-24 08:01
    TUTORIAL: Open map in Giants editor and place collision 0.5meters under water plane.Tutorial complete
  • Bishop patrick.
    2018-03-25 14:50
    I bought this mod in the shop, but can't get it to the water, in fact I can't get it out of the shops car park.
  • Franklin10
    2018-03-25 18:02
    When I try to load the Standard map , GE Crashs. No Chance.
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