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Under the Hill 17 v1.0.0.0
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Under the Hill 17 v1.0.0.0

Welcome to the Under The Hill Map! A new world, inspired by my very own home village. Find yourself in a enviroment full of new challenges. All the features of the original Farming Simulator are included with many additionally tasks. A Slovenian world as you have never seen it before in Farming Simulator. This map will bring you the true atmosphere and fill your room with Slovenian air.

Blazek Modding

  • Alekx
    2018-02-28 23:27
    when i downloaded the map and placed at mods, i opened game and looked for map i placed into mods map didnt show up, whats the reason?
  • Tony
    2018-03-01 14:54
    If the map doesn't show up its because of the file called modesc.xml, look at the top, find the version number, its most likely higher than what your running. Its probably, 39,37 etc...Just change it to 30, or 32, save it, re-zip and it will work.Either that or patch Farming simulator to the latest patch. I still run v1.3.1 because the others stutter a lot, 1.3.1 does not, so I modify the version number to 32 and run any map.
  • Warins
    2018-03-13 19:03
    I like the concept of this map, nice small map with farming and forestry. As I drove around taking in the map I got close to the edge of the map when I noticed a very bad looking wall blocking me from going outside the map. What I mean by this that a poorly done up wall that is supposed to look like trees was just copied and pasted around the playable area but they had clearly missed some areas.
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