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Unia MX 1200 v1.1.0
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Unia MX 1200 v1.1.0

Model: TheFluorke
Programming: Darek Ostry
Help: HOW

Mod Has:
- Rubbing yourself
- Steaming plates
- 1200L capacity
- 20 km / h working speed
- Power demand about 60 hp

Maybe I will issue a patch, because when it releases the spreader, it is not completely finished (there will be a green version), also wait for an update of the spreader and I wish you nice games! ;)

No addition to other Forums!
No Edition!
No modeling, etc!
No impersonation!
No change to txt!


  • Farmergr
    2018-04-12 01:03
    Mod Has:- Rubbing yourselfTell me more about this feature.
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