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Unimog 406 Universal Pack v1.0
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Unimog 406 Universal Pack v1.0

Hi friends of agriculture and wood
in the second version of the Unimog user packages, we’ve optimized a lot and added the 406 as a full cab.
Unimog units have different configuration options and can be used in forestry, agriculture and transport.
There are three engine variants for each Unimog version, with more than 60 different configurations in total

Features: All Unimog units are available with or without hydraulics

– version for forests (with crane, winch and rear signs)
– body of the tipper (three different bodies)
– Dynamic hoses front and rear – exhausting
– control from the inside and outside
– Variable swing bodies
– Built-in installation for multi-player capacity change (Beware who has already had a script trailer in the folder must change its control because it would otherwise double the occupancy).

Polofreak211, GnomAtom

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    mod review here................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttbCAATIluk
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