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Unimog U1600 Full Edition v1.0
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Unimog U1600 Full Edition v1.0

Here is a whole new Unimog series!

Motor U1200
Motor U1600
Wheel Configuration Normal
Wheel Configuration Wide

New textures and colors:
Normal, orange-communal
Dark green
There is also a configuration for the front hydraulics!

New scripts:
Dynamic exhaust gas
Passenger option
Dynamic hose

New V2 Changes / Functions:
Animated parts
Working lights and cab lights
Door Opener
Indoor Huds Animation
texture changes
New wheels, rims, tires
Other vehicle physics, max. 80 km / h
Added the lower hook for machines
Engine versions, additional details for the engine model!
Changed cameras & lights
No log errors
All changes with permission of the author!
Thanks T0bi69 for help in this project!
* All changes are prohibited!
* Changing the download link is forbidden!
* All copyrights are owned by CEA Modding & Gallinger!

T0bi69, Gallinger, CEAModding, RaV-Technik

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    mod review here......................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAd1HGnt5Zg
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