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Union pacific v2
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Union pacific v2

I have converted the union pacific Train over to 17 please note this train is not done it has to be script for it to work..do not try to put this in your map as it will crash it.do not try to script the train unless u know what u are doing this will take some talent to do.


  • Rich
    2016-12-19 23:44
    Why even put this mod out without it being finished? What really makes this worse is you say "do not try to put this in your map as it will crash it."Are you just doing it to get your name out so someone will think you know what your doing?
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-20 01:38
    im sorry RICH but apparently u dont know how to read..other people mite take shit from others but im not i can dish it out too...how about grow the hell up act your age and get a life looks like u dont have one since u are on mod hub crying over a train
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-20 01:40
    o buy the way im not trying to get my name out if i wanted to i would of done it 5 years ago i just do simple stuff...so grow up
  • James
    2016-12-20 02:02
    @RICH u just made your self look really stupid in fact u are probably a twitch bitch..173 people has downloaded this train and not one complaint from them.sounds like u are a little made cuz u cant get what u want cuz u have to take it out on someone els. how about u go back to twitch and cry in the chat rooms of how sore your ass is after i get done with it.. hope u get salty from reading this message......PS merry Christmas
  • Rich
    2016-12-20 04:46
    quote from copenhagen in mod description: "please note this train is not done it has to be script for it to work..do not try to put this in your map as it will crash it."How can 173 people download and love a mod which is not completed? He says it is NOT done, it needs the script for it to work, and will CRASH your map. I just don't understand why people do this type of crap and then expect someone else to finish the job for them.
  • Rich
    2016-12-20 04:48
    Not whining. Just don't get the logic of using server space here for something that doesn't work out of the box. btw, I'm most likely older than both of you.
  • Asshole
    2016-12-20 05:34
    This guys cant model or even convert or export a model its missing the texture for the model LOL don't quite day job!!!
  • Lmao
    2016-12-20 06:16
    a bunch of butt hurt people hear get over your self its a game a model who fucking cares if u dont like it dont download it and try to work on something that u dont know what u are doing some of yall dumb fucks need to get a grip and a life and a JOB
  • Rich
    2016-12-20 07:21
    I don't need a job. I'm Retired, YAHOO!
  • Lmao
    2016-12-20 08:23
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-21 21:44
    hahahah job well done i knew this will make a bunch of grown adults cry hahahah mission accomplished marry Christmas bitches
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