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Universal 1Achs Kipper Pack
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Universal 1Achs Kipper Pack

Hello, Today is the, the 1 Achs Kipper Pack in V1 is times ready so far.

Version Universal 1 Achs tipper V1.5
- Fuhrmann Haflinger texture added
- superstructures revised
- Labeling at the Mengele tipper (red / beige) fixed
- Dynamic Trousers ready (by Joe968)

Some are the Mengele trailers from LS15 times know yet, and in the LS17 version giebts several designs (textures but almost the same functions as to LS15 times. In the tipper is the standard Brantner Tipper model ausm LS15, the time from us was rebuilt for a better field of application. The dump truck is designed specifically for small businesses, or for smaller maps with narrow roads / streets.
In the future, possibly coming still one or the other design to more and different constructions.
WARNING: This post will be expanded / updated.
4 bodies
several styles / brands (2x Mengele, 2x Pühringer, 2x Brantner, 1x Maraton, 1x Fuhrmann)
Tensioning straps (for securing bales eg)
Lower lift series with Collision (incurred for the transport of small pieces of wood / wood residues felling a tree via chainsaw)
Tipper backwards tiltable via mouse control (for unload the pieces of wood / wood waste)
Board walls can be opened from the outside (R or BUTTON O) Open Included / close sound
Wheel set (1x gray wheels with red hub, 1x gray rim with black hub (thought fürn Brantner HB Euro-Line tipper)

Thanks go to Rival Modding (Rival Bomb) we may use the tailgate closing sound script again :)
We wish you a lot of fun :) so
(unknown000, steyr modder, Domi, John)

Modell: Giants Software/ Umbau: STEYR Modding Team
Textur: Giants Software/STEYR Modding Team
Script:Rival Modding (RivalBomb), Koper, 50keda, Ziuta
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Sonstige: Sounds; STEYR Modding Team, Kabel, Hydraulikanschluss: Joe968

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    Almost great. The ability to use with pickup loading logs was awesome, except when you add the side for height there is no collision. So you logs can just roll out. Fix that and it would be great.
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