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Universal light weight bucket for wheel loaders v1
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Universal light weight bucket for wheel loaders v1

Today I have for you a Universal Leichtgutschaufel for wheel loaders and teleloaders with 11500L capacity! The blade can also load everything and has the usual standard Giants things (Dirt, Cubemap, Specular etc.)
If you like this or one of my other mods, I would be happy about a small donation;)

Other Information:
Your feedback is important to me, so write in the comments what you like or what you like less! It is important to me that you constructive criticism practice, everything else is deleted or ignored! Lets also a rating and recommendation because if you like the mod, really only takes 5 seconds;)

If you have problems with the mod, you can write me directly a personal message with your "Log.txt" file in the appendix and a detailed description of your error! Without your log file I can not help you and it will take a long time until you can use the mod in the full extent!

Respect for Modder?
Since I can not prevent the mod from appearing on other sites, I ask you out of respect for the work I have done, the original download link to use !!!


Modell: t0xic0m
Textur: t0xic0m
Script: t0xic0m
Idee / Konzept: t0xic0m
Tester: t0xic0m
Sonstige: t0xic0m

  • Gabriel
    2016-12-05 22:41
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    Hello could you create mods please you I find it superTHE CAMOX F175 CRANE V10If posible with all this functionality(Blade and crane crane)Thank you to answer me quickly and to create itcordially
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