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Un petit coin de campagne v2.0
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Un petit coin de campagne v2.0

Hello people as promised here is a little corner of the countryside.
ATTENTION map not available on console.
The links of the pack of the map will be in the description of the video thank you of respect the links of origin.
Tip thank you for a good look at the video to have more details on some manipulation.
The Arsenic Modding team thanks you in advance for your good game comments.

Arsenic Modding

  • Fsreviews
    2017-08-28 17:40
    A very good looking map review tour https://youtu.be/isIuUrGqyqA
  • Name
    2017-08-29 01:53
    There is a raw format error among your terrain textures on your final version plus while browsing the map i also come among quite a few other errors
  • Topmapping
    2017-08-31 04:11
    No super map log error so I advise people who tells that there are ben errors you have shit mods in your super mappeur work folder
  • Vroby
    2017-09-09 22:35
    Une carte étonnante, un peu petite est la ferme, mais très agréable
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