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Ural Truck v1.0
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Ural Truck v1.0

Hello LS17 Community,
This is a truck for Farming Simulator 2017
Maud Ural truck Timber (forest machinery). In the Mod 2 vehicles are included 2x Ural and a pendant.
Both have the motor with 250 liters and drive both of Max. 90km / h
They each cost once ~ € 57,000 and € 33,000 once ~
the trailer Costs also again approximately 10,000 €
However, there is a problem in the first undzwar Ural for ~ 57,000 does not the gripper but I did not get fixed :( maybe there are indeed some of you can fix this :)
Nevertheless, I wish you much fun with this mod :)
Your VeqaZ :)


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