Farming simulator 2019 mods
Ursus 1224 Turbo GR Mokrzyn v1.0.0
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Ursus 1224 Turbo GR Mokrzyn v1.0.0

* Washable (dirty)
* All bugs from the previous version have been corrected
* Moving cardan shaft
* Animated elements in the cabin
* Mirror L key
– Plough mod
– IC panel (openable door, roof, rear window)
– Animation of the steering system, rear lift
– Full animation of the front attacher
– Twin rear wheels put on the approach R key (outside of the tractor)
– Stoll frontloader attacher (FL consoleR key)
– Possibility of opening the left door on the outside of the tractor with the R key
– Animated RPM and fuel level indicators
– Operating lights in the cab (lights, turn signals, halogen lights)
– Mobile flap on the silencer
– Work lighting, direction indicators, beacon
and other goodies

Marcello1942, G&M Modding Team, Spinah
In FS17/Edit/roller90

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