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Ursus 1634 FS17 v1.0
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Ursus 1634 FS17 v1.0

Mod on the 4000 subscription Ursus 1634 (the "back" version)
- Door open
- Rear window opening
- Open roof
- Rooster
- Movable flap on muffler
- Working lights
- And the rest is what other fashion to 2013
Author; LSF, Kodak, Cz @ ruś, AgroTeamAgrarski
It seems because the base of this tractor has been released so editing is not needed and I promised something on the 4000 sub
Currently there are 4060 sub-mods I will spend every 50 sub so the next one is 4100 lines


  • Igor b.
    2017-04-22 23:40
    Hello, this mod (URSUS 1634) is not appearing in the game, I already downloaded it again and installed it but it does not appear in the game! What do I do?
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