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US Trailer With Autoload Feature v2.0
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US Trailer With Autoload Feature v2.0

Here is a Converted US Flatbed trailer mod that can automatically load the in-game square and round bales as well as all the pallet items such as seed, fert, pig food, etc. This is fully tested and functional in SP, MP, & Dedicated Servers.

All credit on the original Farming Simulator 15 mod goes to oxtar. I was able to convert it to Farming Simulator 17 and add the universal autoloading feature as well as the tension belts. I am sure oxtar will come out with a fantastic trailer for Farming Simulator 17 and look forward to it, but until he does, please enjoy his converted trailer.
You can choose your favorite color for no extra charge.
Automatic Loading Script by Hot online Team
There are tension belts for you to secure your items on the trailer
There is a hitch on the back of the trailer so you can train them together with the ingame dolly.

Please Note That This file cannot be renamed to replace V1.0 as it has scripts that will cause issues if one is already owned in your savegame.

Again if any errors pop up or you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here in the comments section.

oxtar (original mod from Farming Simulator 15)
Bigdaddy012678 (converted it from Farming Simulator 15 and added tension belts & Autoload feature)
HoT online Team For the Univeral Auto Loading script

  • Jim


    2016-11-22 14:45
    Very nice trailer man. Good job on getting this like it is. Big push up to for making it error and warning free. You seem to know what your doing. People need to take heap on how to convert mods that are good. Most mods on this site and facebook groups are pure JUNK!!!. Once again thanks buddy for this. Saves alot work and time transporting bales and pallets. Cheers mate
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-22 14:48
    OMG Thank you SO much for this!!!!Literally tonight on my live stream I replaced this trailer (the version with no UAL) with a UAL enabled bail trailer. Then I log off to see this baby. Oh yeah ... my flatbed's coming back :) So, again, thank you!
  • Knight
    2016-11-22 18:04
    like to see a autoload trailer for logs like in FS 15 but probably not anytime soon.
  • Deafgamer
    2016-11-22 20:58
    Fantastic Big Daddy, thank you for the awesome work!
  • Matt
    2016-11-22 23:05
    This is a great mod! Saves me lots of time and hair ripping out. One thing though, could you make an autoload trailer for logs? That would be awesome.
  • Brandon
    2016-11-23 00:44
    would like to see the auto loading log trailer to. been trying to get it to work but im having no luck.
  • Auto loader
    2016-11-23 02:41
    iam working on a auto loader for logs i have rebuilt it from the ground up this will be a test version till final release..i will upload it to modhub in 3 weeks keep a eye out for it
  • Brandon p
    2016-11-23 10:48
    Me and another guy was using this trailer and it was glitching so bad we tried to sell the trailer because it was so bad with glitching we tried selling it and it crashed my multiplayer game.. color lines were coming out of the trailer!!! be careful using this...IT DOES HAVE ERRORS
  • Aroundtuit444
    2016-11-23 18:56
    thanks bigdaddy78 for this trailer
  • Pegleg168
    2016-11-24 00:47
    Great job. Worked first try. Works all the time. Keep them coming. Thank you.
  • Rob


    2016-12-01 23:56
    This is an awesome mod! It works flawlessly and the textures are amazing. The auto load feature works very well. the auto unload is amazing it puts the whole load where you want it. Great job on the mod! i'm looking forward to seeing more.THANK YOU!!!!!
  • Marco
    2016-12-04 02:18
    Your trailer is great thank you can you add the wooden palette of marhu sawmill also please would be great
  • Recoyote
    2018-08-17 19:43
    A few nitpicks, one you never leave space between bales and the headache rack.and the space left there by the 1.5 bales is room for 4 more bales.and there should be an option for farm built extension for 8 more bales on the back of the trailer.ThankaRECoyote
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