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US Trailer With Autoload Feature v3.0
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US Trailer With Autoload Feature v3.0

Here is a Converted US Flatbed trailer mod for Farming Simulator 17.
It can automatically load the in-game square and round bales as well as all the pallet items such as seed, fert, pig food, etc.
This is fully tested and functional in SP, MP, & Dedicated Servers.


  • Zar


    2017-01-11 18:24
    This is a total BS upload. It's an exact copy of BigDaddy's version 2.0 conversion that "somebody" has uploaded as version 3.0 just to try and get credit.
  • @zar
    2017-01-11 20:25
    wont u shut your cock sucking pie trap up and use the mod before u open ur cum catcher up..big daddy's trailer had a issue with fert bag so maybe this person fixed it or someone fixed it...cant believe yall stupid fucks cry over fucking mods grow the fuck up and get a dam job
  • Zar


    2017-01-12 05:32
    Typical response from a candy ass little child that hides behind a fucking keyboard... So sad for you. Hope you like the DDOS that's coming your way, so don't piss in your diapers to much....
  • Portegies
    2017-01-12 11:15
    Saves a lot of work crouch and back complaints.My gratitude is great
  • @zar
    2017-01-12 19:41
    lmao a ddos hahahah u about stupid as u look...good luck on doing it princess....o wait i like your comment lmao................ candy ass little child that hides behind a fucking keyboard.......... u are like the rest of these noobs all u do is talk shit....BUT U CANT BACK IT UP DARN
  • @children above
    2017-01-12 20:05
    Nice mod! Really helps out since I've always had problems getting things on the trailers with a forklift. And to the kids fighting above - PLEASE STOP!! You're doing nothing but bringing down the rest of the community. ALL mods should be shared and modders always come up with some great additions to mods that already exist. So, to paraphrase - Can't we all just get along?!? I'll step off my soapbox now :)
  • Lmoa
    2017-01-12 22:43
    hear we go with this stupid ass community bull shit again...this is farming simulator not community simulator u fuck sticks
  • Jim


    2017-01-13 01:57
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