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Vaderstad Rapid 300 v1.1
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Vaderstad Rapid 300 v1.1

Converts from LS15 to LS17.
The sowing machine has almost everything standard, the sowing speed was increased to 25kmh and the rims of the wheels were listed in the original yellow.
Since there is already a version for LS17 in the internet to the DL but since the rims are gray and in my opinion looks ugly, I have converted them myself and equipped with yellow rims. Since there are probably some people who also like yellow rims, I want them here to the DL available.
If someone came to the thought of the Mod steal, the mistakes.
Original Giants LS15 Mod to LS17 by JokerModding convertiet.
JokerModding wishes you a lot of fun with the Väderstad Rapid.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: JokerModding/Giants

  • Ktoś
    2017-02-19 11:25
    Why? It is already in official mods in game from October I think.
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