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Valley Crest Farm v1.2
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Valley Crest Farm v1.2

Welcome to Valley Crest Farm

Version 1.2
Mixing Station
To wash
new limestone

Standard Map with additional modifications.
• Feurewehr
• shop
• Sugar Factory
• 3 Transport company
• Sawmill
• Garage with workshop
• gravel rock dirt cracked asphalt cement concrete sand
• Quarry
• Palletproduce

As well as new roads, new train routes are also included.
Have fun with this map !! :-)


  • Ricefarmer
    2017-09-04 02:16
  • Matt
    2017-09-04 07:00
    Installed the mod, said it was present in the mod hub and was in the mods folder, but would not show up when trying to select a map. Anyone got any ideas?
  • New142mods
    2017-09-04 13:20
    Guys Like matt, My game doesnt detect some mods too
  • Jazzaconda
    2017-09-04 15:43
    Deselect all mods (on start of new map)! The map will load, Save game! Then by trial and error add what mods you want. 15 - 20 mods at a time! By trial and error, can narrow it down to the mod that is causing the conflict!Great map otherwise
  • Jazzaconda
    2017-09-04 15:48
    Tip on adding mods. First add Mods that are gameplay changers, (i.e. Seasons (works for me), Manure Mod, Sawdust mod, etc.) Haven't found one the does not work.I have have problems with what I can only narrow down too, maybe a MF tractor. but unconfirmed.
  • Monkey nuts
    2017-09-04 18:01
    Excellent map thank you all mods work fine seasons and mf great work
  • Stneop
    2017-09-04 21:56
    Very nice map but manure at the cows is not showing up in the pit and can't collect it. Any solution?
  • Jugger
    2017-09-05 17:06
    The game doesn't load. after i put new mod in the game
  • Laptop
    2017-09-07 06:22
    mine works bang on and im on a laptop
  • Jean
    2017-09-07 15:13
    tres belle map domage il a des erreur a corriger svp
  • Angry-chck3n
    2017-09-11 02:22
    it this map multiplayer compatible? because i try to load on my server and it dosnt show .. any clue
  • Goodforyou
    2017-10-07 20:16
    i cant find the Palletproduce, can any budy help me?
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