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Valley Crest Farm v1.3
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Valley Crest Farm v1.3

Welcome to Valley Crest Farm
Standard Map with additional modifications.

Version 1.3
New sugar factory
New fire department

• Feurewehr
• shop
• Sugar Factory
• 3 Transport company
• Sawmill
• Garage with workshop
• gravel rock dirt cracked asphalt cement concrete sand
• Quarry
• Palletproduce

As well as new roads, new train routes are also included.
Have fun with this map !! :-)


  • Rafael
    2017-09-19 00:33
    boas noites mete multifruty no mapa fica ainda melhor
  • Lucca
    2017-09-19 02:07
    can you put the seasons mod? if you do it the map is going to be awesome
  • Sweet250
    2017-09-19 06:44
    Are there required mods to open this map file, since I'm having trouble with no mods at all....
  • Kalkani
    2017-09-19 08:52
    same problem no mods and the harvester leaves spots that dossent get harvest alot of small bugs around the map so same questen as sweet what are we missing ?
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