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Valley Crest old farm v1.3
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Valley Crest old farm v1.3

Welcome to Valley Crest old farm

Version 1.3
- gold production / gold mine
- Agricultural production - warehouse
- Mast operation
- Fertilizer / Seed / Liquid Fertilizer
- milk production (H-milk)
- Fix rep

Version 1.2
- The bug in snow mods has been fixed
- new signage
- new locations green

Standard Map with additional modifications ...
as well as new road course also new Zugstrecken are contained.
Have fun with this map! :-)


  • Allan
    2018-03-14 05:08
    Hello Thomas,I'm really impressed, it really seems like a great way to expand the game.I've tried setting it up on a dedicated server I've rented from Nitrado.The map itself works fine, although Nitrado says that there are a few errors in regards to how it works on their server, but it seems to be working.However, one VERY big issue is that when I save the game on that server, it tries to save in a careeer slot and not in the multiplayer slots.
  • Allan
    2018-03-14 05:10
    Logfile errors:I3D file 'maps/map01.i3d.shapes' is too big. Size 371.83 MB (max. 196.00 MB) Unknown file type 'maps/scripts/hud/fillTypes/Thumbs.db' DDS texture file 'maps/textures/Valleycrestoldfarm/Carriere/models/Carriere.dds' is too big. Size 32.00 MB (max. 12.00 MB) DDS texture file 'maps/textures/Valleycrestoldfarm/halle/Farmer/Batiment-PALOX.dds' is too big. Size 16.00 MB (max. 12.00 MB)
  • Allan
    2018-03-14 05:11
    Space character not recommended in filename: 'maps/textures/Valleycrestoldfarm/Waschen/Waschanlage/retention/textures/Deko/beton cuve.dds' Unknown file type 'pallets/milkpallet/Thumbs.db' Unknown file type 'pallets/texture/Thumbs.db'
  • Allan
    2018-03-14 05:12
    When saving the game, this is the log:[14/Mar/2018:03:54:38] Game server process started[14/Mar/2018:03:54:38] Game server started[14/Mar/2018:03:56:01] Error: Socket error when sending HTTP response - Unknown error (0)[14/Mar/2018:03:58:56] Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/SERVICES/ni1016862_1_local/lws17/profile/savegameBackup/savegame4_backup2018-03-14_00-54/careerSavegame.xml'.
  • Rayamo
    2018-03-14 08:11
    @Allan: You can write errormassages as much as you want you won't get an answer. Thomas ist NOT the modder, he's only the person whom copied the file from another page, mostly without permission.
  • Branden
    2018-03-17 22:08
    I cannot get the gate {which is new just appeared today and was not there} to get open at all , so I cannot enter mining area any help???
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