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Valli del delta del Po seasons ready v1.3
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Valli del delta del Po seasons ready v1.3

the Po Delta valleys map is a reproduction with DEM data of an area located in the northeast of Italy where the river Po enters the Adriatic Sea. in the province of Rovigo about 80 km from Venice. completely flat area with many canals and submerged areas

Valli del delta del Po Version 1.3 seasons ready
Changes version 1.3
inserted animated animals, traffic, and pedestrian.
optimized distance clips, correct roads at the boundaries of the map, added new fields and new poplar forests

Änderungen Version 1.3
eingelegte Tiere, Verkehr und Fußgänger.
Distanz-Clip-Optimierung, korrekte Straßen an den Grenzen der Karte, neue Felder und neue Pappelwälder hinzugefügt

Modifications version 1.3
animaux animés insérés, circulation et piétons.
l'optimisation du clip à distance, les routes correctes aux limites de la carte, a ajouté de nouveaux champs et de nouveaux peupliers
Cambia la versión 1.3
animales animados, tráfico y peatones.
la optimización de clips de distancia, las carreteras correctas en los límites del mapa, añadió nuevos campos y nuevos bosques de álamo

By Miki48

  • Blackbelt
    2017-09-27 18:51
    What mod is causing my game to not load i let it sit there for 5 min and its stuck
  • Miki48
    2017-09-29 07:42
    the map as all the maps with the seasons does not like to live with other maps especially if they are seasons also if there are special models, accelerators of growth, time management animals, plant vehicles etc. take it off otherwise you will find yourself with oddities and mistakes. keep in mind that seasons take on all aspects of the game and manage them in their own way.
  • Lucat
    2017-09-30 18:02
    Hi, in single player it works, in multiplayer after uploading the map, and made the synchronization with the server remains the black screen (... scripts / MilkSellTrigger.lua: 215: try to compare the number with nil. 'update')
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