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VehicleSort v0.6a
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VehicleSort v0.6a

Hi Folks,

— Fixed for dedicated server multiplayer
— Fixed single player mode nickname display and controlled display issues
— Added $l10n support
— Added translations for “implement”
— D.R.Y. refactoring

Version 0.6
Bug created by patch 1.3 with name display in vehicle list fixed
level indicator
Options menu extended

presenting my first mod for FS 17.

Right in advance: Unfortunately I don't have spare time for modding or FS anymore. Don't expect this mod to be updated. If you don't like that, don't use this mod!
This mod allows you to change the order of your vehicles when tabbing through them. Also you can park your vehicles, so you don't tab into them anymore or you can quickly access them by the vehicle list.

Update V0.5.1:
Quick-Access-Bug fixed - seems to make problems in mp though
Reactivaetd parking
Naming for trains and train cranes implemented
Small config-menu implemented (NumPad-Minus)

Update V0.5:
Fast conversion to FS17
Parking deactivated

How to use:
Use Numpad or mouse - can be customized in FS-Options
Key 0 / Middle Mouse opens List of Vehicles in order you tab through them
Key 2&8 / Mousewheel moves selection in List (green)
Key 5 / Left Mouse toggles shifting mod (selection turns red)
Key Enter / Right Mouse jumps directly to selected vehicle
Key Minus opens config menu

The active vehicle is written in bold in the list.


Known Issues:
First reports of fastswitching not working in mp - please post your logs in comments
Missing l10n-error in log - should not do any harm

Dschonny (Original), Anonymous (v0.6a)

  • Nitefire
    2017-11-22 15:08
    Thanks for updating..I love this mod!
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