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Volvo 220H Farming simulator 17 v1.0
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Volvo 220H Farming simulator 17 v1.0

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  • Lrsdamien
    2016-12-17 17:36
    I had a problem with this mod. when I bought it the driver and top beacons were in the right spots "I think" but the rest of the loader was not there, also the throttle does not work. Good news the bucket works fine on the JCB wheel loader.
  • Needs to be fixed
    2016-12-17 19:37
    Had the same problem slows the game right down unable to use it needs to be fixed really love this machine please fix
  • Toro
    2016-12-18 08:45
    Thats Fake.The sholvel is okay but the wheelLoader is not Okay. : ((
  • Farmer
    2016-12-18 14:01
    driver sat in mid air, no machine around him deleted, needs fixing. :(
  • Please fix
    2016-12-18 22:41
    Please fix this BS... The bucket works fine but the Wheel Loader doesen't work.... And I you don't fix this, I will take this matter in my own hands.
  • Please fix asap
    2016-12-19 03:26
    Please could someone fix the loader as you have all said the bucket is fine great even but the loader needs work such a great mod hate seeing it like this
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