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Volvo articulated Pack v0.1
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Volvo articulated Pack v0.1

Volvo articulated pack
So there is then times our ball transport
One can carry with it cuboid and round bales and pallets.
The truck Loads 16 square bales, 20 round bales and 8 pallets
The trailer Loads 35 square bales, 36 round bales and 14 pallets
Automatic loading of general cargo
The Mod may not be anywhere else without my approval DL.
Mod ne peut nulle part être mis sans mon approbation
Autrement le DL.
/ Mod Mod
Approval differently DL.

EastSide und TSL

  • Danilo
    2016-12-27 22:48
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    there are no articuled grain trucks???
  • Dziku
    2017-01-05 09:43
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    Why the file is RAR?
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