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Volvo FH16 750 AR/Frame Pack v2.0
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Volvo FH16 750 AR/Frame Pack v2.0

1. Model rebuild to lower triangles and to stop flicker and lack of dirt to some body parts.
2. Option for Interactive Control,
3. Added automatic wipers, adjustments to engine and suspension to improve handling.
4. Added support for Gearbox addon by Mogli.
5. Now moved into "AR Trucks / Trailers" Category.
6. Added support for other AR Equipment attachers. (Please note we do not provide mod support for equipment not released by us)

Thankyou to "GtX @ http://ls-modcompany.com" for supplying the new scripts and also the updated model from his Volvo SWB.

Interactive Control used on this mod can be found here:

We are pleased to offer to you an approved conversion of Inerti’s Volvos from FS15 with a few twists and added improvements now possible in FS17. The body is now fully colour selectable on both versions and has had a major update to the interior. Several scripts by GTX MODS and others have been added to allow some cool new features that add to the inside cab experience.
There are two trucks and a trailer to choose from:
• A twin rear axle version that has a fuel capacity of 750L.
• A FLT twin rear axle version with an added front lift turn axle that can be raised or lowered with the “NUM_9” key that has a smaller tank due to the extra wheel but will carry 650L of fuel.
Standard features and options on both trucks include.
• One engine choice 750 HP but with the option to be euro legal @ 80km/h or remove the speed limiter and try and crack the 128km/h top speed.
• Choice of three attacher configurations. Note: if the Semi-Trailer hitch is optioned it will move to the centre of the truck bed when any AR/Frame is connected and move back on disconnect.
• Full Hud animations when started and true reading of Break Air psi, speed, fuel, rpm, gear selection, cruise active light, cruise set speed, boost pressure and a fake Temp mover that will warm up and cool down over time.
• Two Rim Choices Standard or Chrome.
• Passenger Script for MP
• Options to fit: 1) A roof mounted spot bar. 2) A roof mounted Beacon Bar. 3) A roof mounted Beacon Bar and front grill Strobe Lights. 4) All the Above.
• Volvo Blue is the default colour choice to set off this Euro Classic.
• Animated movable Wing Mirrors.

The pack also includes a AR/Frame Trailer that is designed to be the perfect match for your brand new FH16 750 Truck. Options are simple with the choice of wheels to suit your truck and the option to fit a low attacher at the rear if you wanted to pull more than one trailer - Available in Misc section of store
Multi-Player and Single Player Tested :-)
Log is Error Free.
We hope you enjoy this mod,

Credits Trucks:
Ombelis. (Original Standard Truck)
Inerti. (FS15 AR/Frame Trucks)
GTX MODS. (Small model changes, New Hud, FS17 Conversion, Colour Selectable Body, Chrome Wheels & Testing)
(Scripts) ls-for-ever, Alex2009, GTX MODS, GtX (LS-Modcompany) & Martin Fabík (LoogleCZ)
Credits Trailer:
Ombelis. (Parts)
Inerti. (Parts)
GTX MODS. (Trailer Mod Build, Chrome Wheels & Testing)
Special thanks to Wonko, Johnny Vee, Icelandic Farmer and Torainio for carrying out independent testing.

As we do not have comments activated on this site please provide feedback or report any errors or requests via our website.

Credits Trucks:
Original Standard Truck: Ombelis
FS15 AR/Frame Trucks: Inerti
Small model changes, New Hud, FS17 Conversion, Colour Selectable Body, Chrome Wheels & Testing: GTX MODS

Credits Trailer:
Parts: Ombelis
Parts: Inerti
Trailer Mod Build, Chrome Wheels & Testing: GTX MODS

GtX (LS-Modcompany)
Martin Fabík (LoogleCZ)

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to some of our Modding Partners Johnny Vee, Icelandic Farmer, Wonko and Toranion from the PC-SG Forums for carrying out independent testing.

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