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Volvo FH16 750 (Kurzer Radstand) v1.2
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Volvo FH16 750 (Kurzer Radstand) v1.2

The Volvo FH16 750 (short wheelbase).

1. RealCab.lua updated (improvements and optimizations)
2. Added new LightExtension.lua (Better Strobes, the auxiliary lights can be turned off when the high beam is on)
3. The Interactive Control (IC) script was upgraded to version 4.04. updated.
4. Optional strobes at the back have been added.
5. The option for wide tires for field work has been added. The vehicle also has greater ground clearance with this option.

This is the top model in the FH series and features double rear axle and interactive indoor HUD.
The Volvo can of course be used with all semitrailers.
It is equipped with adjustable mirrors, a mobile semi-trailer and rain sensor for the windscreen wipers.
Furthermore, the Interactive Control (IC) is available and offers various settings for a real vehicle feel.
The gearboxAddon is fully supported.
The active gears (0-12, R1, R2) / automatic settings (D, N, R) are displayed on the LCD in the cab.
The stroboscopic front light comes with the beacon and can be dismantled by hand if required.

LS15 - AR Version
Inerti, Ombelis
Alex2009, Manuel Leithner, GtX, Martin Fabík (LoogleCZ), Ziuta

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