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VW Crafter Einsatzleitwagen REWORK v2.0
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VW Crafter Einsatzleitwagen REWORK v2.0


Version 2.0 REWORK
- New skin
- New blue light
- New sounds
- Camera adapted
- New coronas
- Bugfixes

Today I present you my Volkswagen Crafter ELW.
This mod is to serve as a "Funmod" and the agricultural simulator a little with variety.
This modification will be updated as long as it is still our main project!
So look here and there to get the latest version!
This modification may NOT be uploaded without permission !
A template file is included in the texture folder. This may be her so far as her BlueLight modding and Fire Technology in the credits calls again upload!

V0.9 BETA:
This version is like the title already has a version in which a few bugs can occur. So I ask you to report these bugs in the comment area so we can fix these!

In this version, this mod is NOT for the multiplayer to recommend since the game and the server starts to flare. We will correct this as soon as possible!

blue light
Connectable front-light
4 horns (city, country, compressor, compressed air)
Stern warning device
Vehicle is getting dirty
The vehicle can be found in the shop in its own category
Texture improvement
More configurations
New skins
Bugfixes (Multiplayer and many more)
Log error free :)

Modell: Fire-Technology / BlueLight-Modding
Textur: Fire-Technology / TschiZack Gameing
Script: Fire-Technology / BlueLight-Modding
Idee / Konzept: BlueLight-Modding / LS FW
Umsetzung: BlueLight-Modding / Fire-Technology

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