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VW T5 Politie v1.0
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VW T5 Politie v1.0

VW T5 modified by Belgomods  facebook.com/BELGOMODS/
Power: 110
Maximum Speed: 90
Price: 17000
Dailyupkeep: 20
Category: Fmfs
Function: VLM : Véhicule Leger Médicalisé
Main vehicle by FMFS

FMFS + Belgomods

  • Thestoryplayer
    2018-05-30 17:16
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    Cool. Can you please skate a Belgian firefighter or something? I have a rebuilt Belgian map and I have a story line and I'm looking for a Belgian fire watch. I could do it myself but not so perfect. and I also find no sound file for the sirens
  • Thestoryplayer
    2018-05-30 17:20
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    skate = make. Google Translate XD
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