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WABASH 53FT v2.1.0.0
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WABASH 53FT v2.1.0.0

The refrigerator for cards Gifts of the Caucasus, the Golden spike, Russia and others.

Transports the following:
meat beer sausage wool liquidFertilizer
fertilizer paper wheatflour ryeflour
maizeflour emptypallet fish cucumber
tomato cauliflower lettuce watermelon
pumpkin boards strawberry eggplant egg
sugar whitesugar yellowsugar starch
konditer sweetmilk canning bread
packed_seed_oil packed_milk cement
furniture plank melon karton seeds
ragout cake cannedCorn cannedVegetables
dumplings tomatoPaste shroom redcabbage
barleoflour lemon

Added pallets:
butter cabbage pear orange apple
plum cherry washedPotato

Added spare wheel.
Updated script [author: igor29381 v4.0]
Clean log.

AlERK Modification

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