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Warmia Map v5.2
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Warmia Map v5.2

On this side, Sebster332

FS 13 - ZeFir
FS 17 - Sebster332

What does the Map
- 12 fields and several meadows
- Map is not compatible with SeasonsMod
- Clean area
- Different shapes and sizes of fields
- 1 Multifunctional Economy
- Cow
- Purchase of grain
And much much more!

The map has been optimized!
He will go on old / weak computers!

I will not hide the map has errors in the log which do not affect the game!

And now the Best Part
No changes to the link!
Prohibition of impersonation of authors!
Prohibition to edit the map
Do not add to modpakow!


  • Bad luck
    2018-03-17 21:58
    very big bug with cultivators and plug! and sell points, please fix it!
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