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Washed Potato Placeable v1.0
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Washed Potato Placeable v1.0

Washed Potato
Machine for washed potatoes
All you need is Water and Potatoes have fun

Pomme de terre lavée
Machine pour pommes de terre lavées
Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est de l'eau et des patates amusantes

Gewaschene Kartoffel
Maschine für gewaschene Kartoffeln
Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist Wasser und Kartoffeln haben Spaß


Farmer_Andy (Mod)
Marhu (FabrikScript)
Giants (Teilespender)

  • David
    2018-08-13 23:38
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    great mod works great just wish it had larger capacity thanks for the mod its great.
  • Oldman102
    2018-08-14 22:24
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    does it come with a sales trigger? What do you do with the washed potato's?
  • Name
    2018-08-16 15:44
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    Ma la vendita non la fate delle patate dovrebbe andare hai maiali ma non funzionaBut the sale you do not make potatoes should go you have pigs but it does not work
  • Troy
    2018-11-04 03:43
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    thanks for the mod a washer for sugar beets, onions, carrot n a steamed potato that are placeable would also be great and great work too
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