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Weaving can be placed v1.3.0
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Weaving can be placed v1.3.0

So now I finished my weaving.

Version 1.3.0
Baumwolle hinzugefügt, Rampe entfernt, Verkaufsstelle wird richtig angezeigt .

You have too much wool and do not know where?
You can now create them in the weaving mill to make fabric.

What you need is:
Lots of wool
You will need to buy the fabric racks under pallets.
Try it best.
The point of sale for the fabric balls is here.
All mods in this mod are created by me personally.
Lamps, factory building, pallet racks, fabric rollers.
Scripts are not mine
Thanks goes to kevink98 / Marhu for the scripts.
Filltype are co-repressed.


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